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If you feel stuck in a manifestation rut, unsatisfied, or trapped in the rational-based circuitry of the human mind and you want to finally break free

Youre not accessing your true power. You know you have unlimited potential locked inside. Youve tried the law of attraction, but something is missing. Your intuition tells you have unlimited potential and youre not utilizing the true power of your mind.

Society the social structure system has done nothing to acknowledge or support your true power and essence. In fact, it almost seems to have been created to keep you from tapping into the source of your true power. As a child, you probably had ambitions of becoming a star, of traveling the world, etc. Heck, you still have dreams and want to live a juicy life. You have hopes. You have dreams. Deep inside you believe. You know theres more to you. A little voice keeps telling you that you have so much more potential. Youve tried listening to motivational speakers. Youve tried meditation. Youve even tried the law of attraction. Youve tried hypnosis, being grateful, visualization but you still come up short.

Heres a good one. Have you tried pretending all day long that you have already achieved your goal, playing the role of the successful business person, movie star, happy wife, etc? This was one of my personal all-time favorite techniques and I learned it from attending a $3,900.00 dollar seminar. But even this falls way short of truly tapping into your true power… Read more…