She Lifts – Strength Training Program For Women

She Lifts - Strength Training Program For WomenClick Image To Visit SiteThroughout high school, she had many issues with her body image.  Sadly, this lead to her developing an eating disorder.  Over the course of a year, she lost 50 lbs by doing 2 hours of cardio every day (combined with her eating disorder).  On the outside, she looked happy and healthy, but on the inside, she felt terrible.

Mundane tasks like climbing up the stairs or walking down the street increased in difficulty.  This got worse and worse until an unfortunate day in 2009.

Her plan was to go to the gym, jump on the treadmill, and not leave until she burned 500 Calories.  After a 5 minute warmup, she was already feeling light headed.  She gradually increased the speed.  5km/h.  6km/h. 7km/h…

At this time, she weighed under 100lbs, and her resting heart rate was 24 beats per minute.  The doctor said if she hadn’t collapsed at the gym, she probably would have died within a week.  This is when she was officially diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Over the next 5 years, she embarked on a journey of self discovery and self worth.  On this journey, she discovered powerlifting.  As she started to notice strength and muscle gains, she fell in love with the weight room, and most importantly herself.  Back in 2014, she sent me the following email:

The problem is that as a woman who wants to build muscle and strength, you’re forced to do programs written for men.

Programs for men focus on building the arms, pecs, traps, and shoulders, and neglect muscles that amplify a feminine physique. As a woman, you want to be focusing on building your glutes and upper back, and doing much less arm work than men. Your goal is to build muscle over your entire body… Read more…