METAMedicine META-Health Charts – The professional charts

METAMedicine META-Health Charts - The professional chartsClick Image To Visit SiteThese new charts will help you understand your client much faster and on a deeper level. Get to the core sooner. No serious METAMedicine practioner can work without these charts !!

So much information at your fingertips, clear and easy to follow with really useful pointers to guide the therapy with clients. Getting them laminated immediately ! A Lingwood

Your METAMedicine charts: absolutely amazing and packed with knowledge and information. I am discovering something new every time I look at them. 🙂

These charts are GREAT, they make METAMedicine so much easier to understand. I wish I had them earlier on in my study Pete

I must add that the charts are very well done, I just would love to see even more!  I´m sure the charts will help me working with Meta-Medicine. M. psychiater

These are absolutely excellent charts. Constellations help me in first place to understand my own personality and nature and accept myself as I am. The charts are huge help to work with my clients. I am very pleased for the opportunity to use them in my work. With best regards, Marijana Strenga

The METAMedicine chart is very clear and precise, it is very easy for me to find out which brain relay relates to the part of the body because of the color coding. I really like the cortex constellations since its very direct in pointing out which the active conflict is.

These charts include all the known relays, how the organs reacts in the stress and healing phase, the microbes being active and the handedness.

IMPORTANT FIXES: METAMedicine Urinary System, kidney, bladder, kidney collecting tubule, renal pelvis, wilms nephroblastoma

IMPORTANT UPDATE: METAMedicine Cardiovascular System, heart, coronary arteries, coronary veins, myocard

METAMedicine Reproduction System. breast ducts, breast glands, ovaries, fallopian tube, testicle, cervix, endometrium

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