Improve Your 60 Yard Dash – Baseball Speed

Improve Your 60 Yard Dash - Baseball SpeedClick Image To Visit SiteWhy the 60 yard dash is different than other speed tests and how to manipulate all of the variables so that they are in your favor.

How to improve your running mechanics to not only improve your 60-yard dash, but also your home-to-first time, and base stealing ability.

Why your mental habits are much more important than you might think in terms of running and how to actually improve them. And much, much more…

Disclaimer: The above testimonial is NOT typical. The main thing this player was doing incorrectly was that he wasn’t running straight (thus adding distance to his run). By getting him to simply focus on a target straight ahead we were able to improve his time very quickly. All athletes are different, but with hard work, typical expected results are usually up to around 0.30. Please read the full disclaimer here.

More realistically, a college scholarship – (which for some equates to a total savings of over $100,000).

And probably most important… The ability to get to the next level. If speed is the deciding factor in determining if you make a pro, college, high-school, or travel ball team, then speed gave you the opportunity to make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Disclaimer: As you can see, Joe worked very hard. He did not improve from a 7.25 to a 6.75 over night. It took him 3 summers of private training with me to ultimately reach his goal. Please read the full disclaimer here.

If you live in suburban Chicago, I can train you privately. I offer a two-hour 60 yard dash assessment and consultation for $250 and then many athletes choose to continue working with me on an ongoing basis. Click here for more info on… Read more…