How to Play the Saxophone Like a Pro – Saxophone Guru

How to Play the Saxophone Like a Pro - Saxophone GuruClick Image To Visit Site13. Breath Support – Your breath support is one of the biggest keys to a beautiful tone… I’ll show you a little trick that makes this easy.

14. Fluency and Speed – In this lesson, you’ll learn how to take things up a notch and really start building some critical skills to make some great music.

15. Perfect Tuning – Ouch! There’s nothing worse than an out of tune saxophone player! You’ll learn how to always be in tune.

16. High Notes – High notes can be some of the most challenging… You’ll learn some “pro” tricks of the trade that will have you hitting the high notes in no time.

17. Practice Techniques – Want to make your practice sessions as valuable as possible? This lesson will show you everything you need to know.

18. Counting – Staying on beat as you play is crucial. You’ll learn the “ins and outs” of staying on count during this lesson.

19. Low Notes – Low Notes can be extremely difficult to get the hang of. I’ll show you my own technique which will make you hit them perfectly every time.

14. Sound – You now have the skills to start developing that beautifully rich sound that the saxophone is so famous for having… Inside this lesson, you’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your sound.

20. Basic Improvisation – Improvisation is one of the building blocks to a great saxophone player… and especially important if you’re interested in jazz… This lesson is a lot of fun!

22. How to growl – A more advanced technique, but a “must learn” for any serious saxophone student.

23. Dynamics – One of the big things that separates a beginner musician from an advanced musician is the ability to use dynamics in your music… You’ll learn… Read more…