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Conquer Tinder — Conquer TinderClick Image To Visit SiteHave you tried online dating or dating apps in the past? Have you not had the success you wanted? Are you frustrated with all the B.S. associated with trying to meet up with these women in person?

It’s not your fault. You’ve probably heard a million theories and gotten some free advice about dating and meeting women (usually worth about what you paid for it) and you’re more confused than ever…  Fact is, not only have you been misled by people who meant well, but even the women online who claim they know what they want in a man, don’t know what the F@*K they are looking for!!

You see, I used to be just like you and then I met the promoter… I used to imagine getting a girl hot and heavy and ready to meet up with me while I was sitting at home in my PJs. The thought seemed so cool.

But I was absolutely terrible at it. I got very lucky. You see, I moved to Las Vegas when I was 23 because I was tired at sucking with this thing called Game. I was the last person you’d ever expect to be writing a book just a few years ago. I was–for lack of a better word–hopeless. Then, I hit my first lucky streak. I accidentally fell into a job as a nightclub promoter. It wasn’t the plan, but I was already going out a lot to try to get good with laides, so I thought, "Heck, why not get paid for meeting chicks?" Sounded cool enough. So, I went out every single day and talked to tons of girls. For every 20 girls I spoke to, one girl would show up at the club. The rejection was… Read more…